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We are specialized in providing outsource solutions for the Swiss, German and the UK market. Our strategically chosen location (Kosovo) for our operative subsidiary makes it possible for our partners to reduce their labor costs (40 – 60 %) without having to lower the quality expectations. Our ISO – Certification (ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005) proves our professionalism and quality of our work. We value long-term partnerships and the integration of our partners during and after the implementation of the projects. In our fast paced business world, almost every company has to face the question whether to find a solution in-house, which might lead to increased cost, or to outsource to a specialized company. The departments which can be considered to outsource to an external company are the IT-, Call Center-, Administration- and Finance-Department. From a business-perspective a company has the advantage that these are the departments where the companies are able to cut most of their labor expenses and with a specialized Partner in outsourcing, the quality expectations does not have to be lowered.

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