Reachability as a factor of Success – Call Center Service with Baruti

jetmir halimi

Customers nowadays simply prefer to directly call and clarify their requests and concerns - A professional Call Center is a factor of increasing the customer loyalty!

Baruti-Call-CenterAccording to the Customer Contact Study published by Deutsche Telekom in 2016, the reachability of a company is one of the major services the clients are looking for. When it comes to the reachability factor, the phone channel has still the main role in establishing a high customer experience. Nowadays, in our fast paced business-world, customers want to be able to get their answers in real-time. A professional Call Center can help improve your customer experience by increasing the reachability.

In the last few years, consumer expectations have dramatically increased when it comes to the quality of the service. Not being available or responsive as a company is one of the key factors why consumers rather decide to go to the competitors instead of staying loyal. Creating a high customer experience is not easily achievable but the long-term return is definitely worth keeping the focus on this service. It might be worth considering to outsource the Inbound and Outbound service to a professional Call Center based on the increased return in quality and customer loyalty.

Customers react ruthless if they cannot reach out to a company and more than 66 % of the customers give up after the second attempt.

Nowadays, companies are confronted with the risk not being reachable by its customers on a daily basis. This leads to the high risk of losing them and thus, to decreased revenues and market-shares. However, from a business perspective these losses are definitely avoidable. Smart changes may have a huge positive impact which would lead to increased customer experience and thus, to loyal and valuable customers.

Which are the key points consumers value the most regarding the phone service and where is the potential of improving the experience of our customers?

Important points for good service:
  • Friendly and cooperative counselling: 86 %
  • Competent and goal-oriented counselling: 85 %
  • No or short waiting time in the waiting loop: 83 %
  • Direct reachability on the first try: 82 %

Source: Deutsche Telekom, Customer Contact Insights 2016, published 02/2016

The fact that 94 % of the marketing budget are spent on convincing the consumers to reach out to the company and only 6 % to make the approach to a real consumer experience. The best marketing campaign is worthless if the potential client does not turn into a loyal customer. Especially if these mistakes can be avoided if companies would be more aware that nowadays the consumer experience is more likely the main reason for attracting potential consumers and keeping the loyal ones.

By a quick call answering, companies show their callers not only appreciation, but also high professionalism. Occupied lines or - even worse - eternal tone during business hours, let the caller figuratively standing in front of the telephone front door. How much costs this lost call? 100 euros, 1,000 euros or because missed episode purchases and recommendations even 10,000 euros?

Investing in an in-house call center, or the complete outsourcing of the call center to external and specialized companies, can more intensively address the needs of the customer and thus, keep the customer experience at a high level.

The customer feels valued and is willing to share his concerns with the company. However, these concerns are the most valuable and honest kind of feedback a company can get, since it is directly from its customers. Moreover, this appreciation means that customer loyalty is strengthened.

Loyal customers are the favorite customers of every company. The customer support does not end at the conclusion of the transaction, but goes a step further, where already many companies are aim to. The individual care of each client.

The cooperation with specialized companies, which are committed to the needs of the customers, means that they will stay much longer and loyal to the company. Therefore, a company is able to create natural barriers for its competitors to interfere.

Baruti, was able to increase the customer satisfaction and build up the customer loyalty for its partners. Furthermore, thanks to its international experience in different markets, we have been able to always deliver the answers of the consumer needs. As company, specialized in outsourcing of services, we are proud that we are within the leaders world-wide when it comes to price – performance ratio for an exceptional high quality.

Our partners are happy to take advantages of our outsource solutions in the fields of IT, back-office administration and finance.