Customer Experience – Key to Success! Baruti makes it Possible!

jetmir halimi

customer-experienceIn our fast changing business-world, creating an imposing customer experience is an essential part of staying competitive. Nowadays, customers have unlimited possibilities to choose between companies and brands worldwide. The factors on which the decisions are made have shifted from choosing the cheapest brand to joining a company where the customers are treated importantly and individually.

The engagement with the company and brand over a period of time, the interactions with the customers, meeting their expectations and fulfill their wants and needs, defines the customer experience we talk about nowadays.
Creating an environment for the customers where they enjoy doing business, will lead to loyalty and thus to further business-deals. In other words, if they don’t feel being important or if companies lack the ability to meet their expectations, they will definitely move to another brand.

Key factors of customer experience:
  • Reachability is an essential factor in creating customer experience.
  • Not prioritizing customer experience will lead to bad reputation.
  • Customers will leave if they don’t like the experience they have with the company.
  • Valuable customers are those who are engaged with the company.

Being reachable is a key factor to create a bond with the customers. Therefore, many companies invest their resources on being reachable. Furthermore, the feedback we receive during these conversations, either by phone or mail, can be considered as a first class evaluation of our current strategy. In case customers don’t feel valued, companies still have the chance to adjust their current strategy or invest in specialized companies such as Baruti AG in order to increase the value of their customer experience.
We offer professional solutions to increase the reach-ability and the customer experience of companies. According to our partners, we have been able to increase the loyalty of their customers and this led to additional business-deals, positive reviews and further recommendations for them.