Employee Benefits

Baruti is specialized in recruiting German-speaking employees in Kosovo, as well as their education and training.

Top Notch Infrastructure with Rooftop Terrace

Immerse yourself in a work environment that harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics. The rooftop terrace offers a serene retreat, providing a perfect balance between work and relaxation. With panoramic views and comfortable seating, it's the ideal space for team gatherings, brainstorming sessions, or simply unwinding after a productive day.

Summer and Winter Party

Baruti stands for a vibrant and inclusive work culture. Each year we host fantastic summer and winter parties that bring our team together. Our summer bash is a great affair filled with outdoor activities, refreshing drinks and team-building games enjoying nature and sun. In contrast, our winter party is used to celebrate the achievements of our staff members awarding the best ones with yearly awards.

Yearly Awards for Best Performing Employee's

We go the extra mile to honor our top-performing employees. We reward hard work and dedication with unforgettable experiences. Our annual tradition involves presenting travel trips to our best performers. These travel adventures are aimed to provide a well-deserved break and an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Health Insurance Coverage

We also provide comprehensive health insurance coverage. Our health insurance includes not only individual coverage but also offers the option to insure family members.

Loyalty Bonus

Our loyalty bonus program goes beyond traditional employment perks. Employees who embark on the journey of marriage or welcome a new addition to their family receive a special loyalty bonus, acknowledging the importance of these personal milestones. Additionally, we express our deep appreciation for long-term commitment with loyalty bonuses at the 5 and 10-year marks of employment.

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